Brunch @ No. 33

Brunch and Lunch @ No 33 served all day

No 33’s Big Breakfast: 3 rashers of Norfolk smoked bacon, 2 Swannington Farm to Fork’s traditional pork sausages, 2 poached eggs, oven roasted tomatoes, rosemary and sea salt mushroom, baked beans and sourdough toast £8.95

Veg Out - Sweet potato bubble and squeak, rosemary and sea salt mushrooms, homemade guacamole, baked beans and sourdough toast £8.95 (VO) Add Bacon £1.50 Add Halloumi £1.50 Add Egg £0.80

Poached Eggs and Guacamole on Sourdough Toast  drizzled with sweet-chilli sauce, topped with crunchy red peppers and micro coriander, served with an oven baked mushroom £8.00 (V)(add bacon £1.50)

Norfolk Dry Cured Bacon or Pork Sausage Sandwich served in white or wholemeal bread £4.80  Add a fried egg  £80p (upgrade to ciabatta +40p)

Mexican Style Breakfast: 2 x grilled chorizo picante sausages, 2 fried eggs, guacamole and a chunky cherry tomato salsa served with sourdough toast. £8.00

Eggs Benedict: Slow-cooked pulled ham on sourdough toast with 2 poached eggs, topped with hollandaise sauce and a sprinkling of chives £7.50

Salmon Benedict: As above but with smoked salmon £8.50

American Style Pancakes topped with Greek yogurt, pecan nuts and maple syrup

Or… topped with a cascade of fresh fruit and served with maple syrup £8.00 (V) (Add Bacon £1.50 Extra Yoghurt £1.00)

We now have vegan pancakes available! 

Homemade Maple and Vanilla Granola with Greek Yogurt and Fresh Fruit : Crunchy toasted Granola made from whole oats, pecans, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds and dried fruits, layered with natural yogurt, honey and fresh fruit £6.60 (V) (VO)

Two Rounds of Pye Baker Toast (wholemeal, white or sour dough) served with your choice of jam, marmalade, Nutella, Marmite or honey £2.30 (add an extra slice 0.50p) (V) (VO)


Lunch @ No. 33

Shakshouka : A rich and smokey tomato and pepper sauce with chorizo picante and sweet potato, topped with egg, crumbled feta and fresh herbs served with toasted bread for dipping £8.20

Go Vegan: Sub the chorizo, feta and egg for scrambled curried tofu and salty cashew nuts. (VO)

No 33 Macaroni Cheese: Our twist on this classic includes flavours of garlic, Worcestershire sauce and  crunchy peppers, topped with fresh parmesan, grilled to perfection and served with a mixed salad £7.60 Add pulled ham  £1.50 Add Chorizo £2.00

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Veggie Burger with Smoked Beetroot and Chilli BBQ Sauce : A Healthy and flavoursome burger packed with sweet potato, black beans, rice, nuts, fresh herbs and spices, topped with smoked beetroot and chilli bbq sauce served in a toasted focaccia with a delicious mixed salad and coleslaw £8.95 (V)(VO)

Chunky Fish Finger Sandwich: 3 chunky cod fish fingers with tartare sauce served in a toasted ciabatta roll with homemade lime and coriander slaw and mixed salad £7.95

Sausage, Bacon and Potato Hash: Pan fried strips of smoked bacon, Swannington sausage, chorizo picante, new potatoes and salami  topped with an egg and served with mixed leaves £8.00

Posh Mushrooms: Pan fried garlic mushrooms with caramelised onions and melted goats cheese served with sourdough toast and red onion marmalade £7.95

Warm Sweet Potato, Avocado and Feta Salad with sun blushed tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and  crunchy peppers topped with cashew nuts £8.50 (add chorizo or smoked chicken £2.00)

No 33 Club Sandwich: Gressingham smoked chicken breast, smoked bacon, tomatoes and leaves in a warm artisan ciabatta bread with mayonnaise, served with kettle chips and dressed leaves £7.50

Creamy Goat’s Cheese, Chilli Jam and Rocket served in a warm artisan ciabatta £6.50 (V)